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LIFE Grace attendance at the "Compraverde Buygreen Forum”


Within the Compraverde Buygreen Forum, which took place in Rome from 6 to 8 October 2021, 

Extensive farming and biodiversity

A document drafted by WWF stresses the connection between extensive farming and biodiversity conservation strategy. 

Meeting on "Conservation of pastures through their utilization"

On June 15, at 5.30 pm, the partners of the LIFE Grace project will meet the local farmers at the municipal theatre of Monte Romano (VT). 

More sustainable livestock farms? Slow Food explains how to obtain them

Over the past 70 years, intensive livestock farming in Europe has caused significant damage to the environment and it has produced poor quality food.

University of Rome – La Sapienza, talks about LIFE Grace on Huffpost

In view of the forthcoming COP2020 in Glasgow, professor Fabio Attore of University of Rome La Sapienza-Department of Environmental Biology and partner of LIFE Grace’s project underlines in an article for an online newspaper “Huffpost” the importance of restoring and safeguarding grassland through the extensive and traditional pastoral activities.

The first phase of meeting with the breeders of the Rieti area (Lazio region) has been concluded

Start a concret collaboration between breeders, mayors, representatives of the Lazio Region and partners of the LIFE Grace project, in order to contribute to a better conservation status of grazing areas in regional Natura 2000 network. 


Dynamics of agriculture for a lively countryside

Online event organized by ELO (European Landowners' Organization)

Date: Tuesday 22 June 2021  TIME: 16.00 - 18.00 

European Natura 2000 Day: meeting between the LIFE GRACE and the Regional Parks Agency (ARP)

On the occasion of the European day of the Natura 2000 Network (21st of May), a meeting will take place between the representatives of the LIFE Grace project and Iacopo Sinibaldi of the Regional Parks Agency of the Lazio region, the managing body of the Natura 2000 sites in which the project activities will be carried out. 

LIFE Grace meets the breeders at Fondi (Lazio Region)

After the summer break, there is a resumption of the meetings of the European project LIFE Grace that aims to enhance extensive animal husbandry in semi-natural areas, where there are rare or endangered animal and plant species.

Meetings with the breeders continue: next meetings planned at Cantalice and Leonessa (Lazio region)

On July 14 and 21 the partners of the LIFE Grace project will present the project to the breeders of the Rieti area.

1st Farming Biodiversity Summit

FFA (Forum for the future of agricolture) will host in Santarém (Portugal) and  on the FFA2021 virtual platform the "1st Farming Biodiversity Summit".

Date: Thursaday, May 27, 2021 Time: 11:00 - 14:00 CET

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