European Natura 2000 Day: meeting between the LIFE GRACE and the Regional Parks Agency (ARP)

On the occasion of the European day of the Natura 2000 Network (21st of May), a meeting will take place between the representatives of the LIFE Grace project and Iacopo Sinibaldi of the Regional Parks Agency of the Lazio region, the managing body of the Natura 2000 sites in which the project activities will be carried out. 

The Regional Agency has already expressed its willingness to concretely contribute to the LIFE Grace project, and the meeting will be an opportunity to define in detail the preliminary data collection activities and, above all, the information dedicated to breeders in order to share with them the conservation objectives of grazing habitats. The involvement of livestock owners will contribute to the benefit of nature, to economic activities linked to extensive grazing and to the health of consumers of the products derived from these activities.