1st Farming Biodiversity Summit

FFA (Forum for the future of agricolture) will host in Santarém (Portugal) and  on the FFA2021 virtual platform the "1st Farming Biodiversity Summit".

Date: Thursaday, May 27, 2021 Time: 11:00 - 14:00 CET

The European Landowners’ Organization and Syngenta came together in 2008 to create a new, open and inclusive place in Europe for all stakeholders interested in agriculture, the environment, climate change, the food system or any other aspect of sustainable food production.

FFA host annual conference in Bruxelles and other regional conference in Europe, in 2021, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, FFA2021 will be presented in a completely revised, fully digital format.

On 27 May  FFA will host on the FFA2021 virtual platform the  1st Farming Biodiversity Summit. At the summit will be attended by leading figures in the agricultures and biodiversity sectors, including members of  the European Parliament such as Alvaro Amaro, President of the “Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside” Intergroup, of theEuropean Commission, such as Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission, and Antonio Guterres the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The summit will discuss the following issues:

  • Agriculture & biodiversity: challenges and opportunities to deploy systemic solutions
  • How the EU can contribute to support the global biodiversity goals
  • Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and the CAP: two strategies serving a single goal?

For more information: https://www.forumforagriculture.com/events_no_hf/biodiversity-summit/

Online registration: https://ffa.6connex.eu/event/ffa/portugal/login