LIFE Grace meets the breeders at Fondi (Lazio Region)

After the summer break, there is a resumption of the meetings of the European project LIFE Grace that aims to enhance extensive animal husbandry in semi-natural areas, where there are rare or endangered animal and plant species.

The next meeting, in Monti Ausoni e Aurunci (Special Protection Area), is scheduled for September 29, at 5 p.m. and it will be held at “Dan Danino di Sarra” Multimedia Center Library in the Municipality of Fondi (LT).

The meeting will be attended by the partners of the LIFE Grace Project, the mayor of the Muncipality of Fondi- Beniamino Maschietto, the Director of Regional Natural Park of Monti Ausoni and Lago di Fondi- Lucio De Filippis, the Director of Natural Park Monti Aurunci-Giorgio de Marchis, and the Representative of the Regional Directorate for Natural Capital, Parks and Protected Areas of the Lazio Region, the Dr. Luciana Carotenuto and Dr. Alessandro Serafini Sauli.

As in previous occasions, the meeting will be concluded with a round table on the valorization of extensive animal husbandry in Natura 2000 Areas,  with the participation of territorial representatives, professional organisations, breeders, local associations and mayors of the municipalities within the SPA Monti Ausoni- Aurunci.

The meeting will be available on Facebook (in Italian):