LIFE Grace participates in the Landcare Europe workshop in Milan

The LIFE Grace project was presented by Comunità Ambiente during the first workshop organized by Landcare Europe, which took place in Milan from 27 to 29 April 2022. Landcare Europe is a network that promotes biodiversity, resilient ecosystems, land management in Natura 2000 areas and quality of life in natural environments and artificial landscapes.

Landcare organizations - with representations in Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Romania - collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including farmers, landowners, nature conservation organizations, policy makers and local communities. In Italy, Landcare Europe is represented by Legambiente Lombardia.

The workshop took place at the 'Cascina Nascosta' in the Sempione Park (MI).

The first day had as its objective an exchange of information on best practices for product development and direct marketing of Natura 2000 products and was also the occasion for the presentation of some relevant LIFE projects in Italy.

Oliviero Spinelli of Comunità Ambiente and project manager of the project, presented LIFE Grace, describing the aims of the project and the main results achieved so far, including the difficulty of breeders to cooperate in positioning their Natura 2000 products in the market and their claims of excessive bureaucracy to do so.

On the second day, a field trip was organised at the Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley (MI) and at the Cascinazza (MI).

The third day ended with a round table discussion on the promotion of value-added local products in Natura 2000 areas, the consumer-oriented production of high-quality local products, the link between the restoration of nature and sustainable agriculture, and the link between agriculture, local culture, biodiversity, and soil protection.

To download the LIFE Grace project presentation, click here.