This section contains regulatory references and useful documents for farmers, and other documents on issues relating to agriculture and biodiversity.

- Animal Board Invited Review - Beef for the future: technologies for a sustainable and profitable beef supply chain: this review analyses the technical and management solutions currently available to increase the efficiency of the beef supply chain.

-UNCEM proposals for the mountains in Italy in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR): the dossier of the National Union of Municipalities, the Communities and Mountain organizations proposes a  strategy to connects the territories and strengthen the cohesion of the PNRR.

-Grazing and grass-fed dairy products: characteristics and opportunities: this review lists the several effects of pasture production systems on the composition, nutritional profile and sustainability of dairy products and highlights potential methods for certification to be used in the future.

- Biodiversity in agricultural land: the contribution of the CAP has not halted its decline: the Report of the European Court of Auditors highlights that the impact of CAP direct payments is limited or unknown, and that the European Commission and Member States have prioritized rural development measures with least impact.

- Common agricultural policy and climate: the emissions from agriculture are not decreasing: according to the  European Court of Auditors the CAP finances half of the EU's climate expenditure, but greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture have not changed significantly, as the CAP mainly finances measures that have limited potential to limit climate change.

- Draft of the Strategic Plan of the CAP 2023-2027: the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies has sent to the European Commission the proposal of the Strategic Plan of the CAP for the period 2023-2027 of Italy in which the five eco-schemes play an important role.

-New MIPAAF Call "Supply chain and district contracts (V call)": the MIPAAF call is aimed at all those companies that directly contribute to the production, collection, processing and marketing of agricultural and agri-food products and companies that provide services and means of production, such as those in the livestock sector.

- The call for applications for the experimental course “Training and accompaniment for young herders”: the Call will select 15 participants to train them in agri-pastoral sector and to develop their skills in grazing management (with cattle, ovine, and goats), animal nutrition, and including organoleptic characteristics of the production, as well as in the main techniques of artisan cheese making and meat processing.

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