Grasslands conservation through grazing

Grasslands conservation through grazing

Grasslands conservation through grazing


What is the Grace project?

The main objective of the GRACE project is to promote the conservation of semi-natural habitats by supporting their use with native breeds of Maremma cows, TPR, Tolfa, Maremma and Esperia and Gray and Monticellane goats, threatened by genetic erosion.

The project intends to build a strong partnership among farmers, biodiversity experts and consumers to achieve the goal in an economically sustainable way, for the benefit of farmers and nature conservation. In the Lazion Region, the conservation of these habitats of European Community interest is closely linked to the conservation of indigenous breeds.

The meat supply chain

The consumers



These habitats are among the richest plant communities in Europe...

Local breeds

In this section it is possible to acquire information on local breeds...

Land stewardship

The conservation and enhancement of local animal and plant genetic...